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To Live Is Christ and To Die is Gain (Phil. 1:21)

What are you living for or hoping for? The best way for us to answer this question is to reflect on how we live, the activities we involve ourselves in each day. Observing what we do each day can help to reveal to us and others that for which we live.

For example, athletes spend their days in training, practice and honing their specific skills because they live for the competition of their sport. Their desire to win drives their motivation to spend long, hard hours, days, weeks and months training and practicing. It takes great determination, commitment and resolve for them to stay focused, and the best do it because they hope it will lead them to victory!

Yet we hear from the scripture that our hope and trust should be in the Lord, not in human beings or worldly glories. Sorry to the burst the bubble of the 6 time Superbowl Champion New England Patriots, but if our hope is only in “Superbowls” then we are like “a barren bush in the desert...standing in a lava waste...we are the most pitiable people of all.”

In the Gospel, Jesus seems to be supporting the losing teams, like the Rams or the Saints, when he says, “Blessed are you who are now weeping...you will laugh.” There is something that is far better than any Superbowl or sports championship or any other worldly glory or honor we might desire to pursue.

St. Paul reminds us that what we really should be living for is Resurrection to new life in Christ, a life that brings eternal glory. Our faith in Jesus reminds us to hope for Salvation, to live for Salvation and to realize that we can live this new life today through faith in Jesus Christ.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Am I truly living for Christ? Do I really believe in resurrection after death? Again our actions in life, reflect the depth of our faith—Do I have a relationship with Jesus through prayer and regular reception of the sacraments? Do I make an effort deepen my faith through study, a yearly retreat or spiritual reading?

We expend great effort, time and money to fulfill our worldly goals but these will only last for a short time. What effort, time and money are we willing to give toward the goal of Salvation, eternal heavenly glory...this will endure forever!

  Fr. Dallas


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